Join forces to promote the integration of industry and education! Mao Jianwei, Zhejiang Vocational and Technical College of Industry Principal and his team conduct research on Seiko Technology
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2023/06/02

On May 31st, Principal Mao Jianwei and his delegation from Zhejiang Industrial Vocational and Technical College visited Jinggong Technology for guidance and research. Jinggong Technology Chairman Sun Guojun, General Manager Wu Haixiang, Deputy General Manager Wang Yongfa, and others received the research.


Principal Mao Jianwei and his delegation successively visited and inspected the workshops of Seiko Technology's carbon fiber equipment industry, new energy equipment industry, intelligent automation equipment, and intelligent construction machinery, and gained an on-site understanding of the company's industrial layout and production status. During the survey, President Mao and his party spoke highly of the company's industrial layout, production scale and progressiveness of special equipment for various industries.


At the symposium, Chairman Sun Guojun extended a warm welcome to the arrival of President Mao and his party, introduced the development situation and development plan of the holding group's various industrial sectors, and made a key report on the industrial development status and strategic development plan of the company's carbon fiber equipment, carbon neutrality (new energy) equipment, intelligent construction machinery, and intelligent textile machinery, which focus on the dual "carbon" core and achieve continuous industry leadership. Both sides had in-depth exchanges on further cooperation in the future.


President Mao pointed out that deepening cooperation between schools and enterprises is not only a practical requirement for running universities rooted in China, but also a responsibility to empower local enterprises in Shaoxing to promote industrial innovation and upgrading. Through the strong alliance of high compatibility between the two sides, we will fully leverage the professional channels and technical talent advantages of local leading enterprises and universities. We look forward to close cooperation between the two sides to cultivate more "great country craftsmen" and professional technical skills talents for Shaoxing, and jointly promote the overall industrial development of Shaoxing.


Mr. Sun stated that as a national key high-tech enterprise, a leader in domestic specialized equipment technology, and a promoter of industrial upgrading, Jinggong Technology has always deeply cultivated industrial innovation and development with the spirit of craftsmanship, effectively focused on talent cultivation and technological innovation, and continuously maintained innovative concepts. As of 2023, Jinggong Technology has selected 56 technical talents into the Ten Thousand Craftsmen Pool in Keqiao District, and 2 have been selected into the Craftsmen Talent Pool in Shaoxing City.

Next, Seiko Technology will continue to strengthen its close collaboration with local universities, using it as an important lever for targeted talent cultivation and introduction to meet the innovative development of various industries in the company, and promoting the integration of industry and education. It will provide talent protection and innovation support for industrial development and innovation, and focus on contributing a continuous and powerful Seiko technology force to the cultivation of "Zhejiang Craftsman" talents, the construction of "Made in Zhejiang" brand, and the high-quality development of Zhejiang industry.

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